0.4 Viewer Navigation

How to navigate within the cmBuilder viewer

In this tutorial you learn how to move around and interact with the controls in the cmBuilder interface.



  • Access Key Shortcuts to view controls from the Help Icon (1)
  • Mouse Controls:
    • Rotate - Left click + Move
    • Pan - Right click + Move
    • Zoom - Mouse wheel up (zoom in) and down (zoom out)
    • Refocus - Mouse wheel click
  • Click Edit (6) to enter edit mode for access to makes changes, and click Save & View (6) to return to view mode
    • Edit mode will be active upon entering the scenario unless another user is editing
    • View mode will be active for shared links
  • Access view options from the shortcuts on the bottom right corner of your screen and Settings (11) tab
  • Access the site plan contents from the Model Browser (12)


  1. Help Icon
  2. User Icon - User Preferences & User Logout
  3. Users Active in Scenario
  4. Undo/Redo & History Log (Saved 00:00)
  5. Lock Editing
  6. Edit/Save/Save & View
  7. Share
  8. Explorer Tree
  9. Quick Access Menu
  10. Presentation Tool
  11. View Settings
  12. Model Browser (Tree)
  13. Milestone Manager



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