1.1 Import 3D Models

How to Import 3D Models

In this tutorial, you learn how to upload a model file from within the scenario and position it in your site plan.

Import 3D models

  • In edit mode, click Buildings from the toolbar, followed by Imported Model
  • Upload a model from a file, or browse existing project files (accessed from Documents)
  • The model will now upload and be optimized for the web or "cooked", which may take several minutes depending on the size of the file
    • Note: The file size upload limit is 1.5 GB and the recommended file size should be less than 500 MB to prevent affected site load time
  • cmBuilder accepts the following file formats:
    • IFC 2x3
    • IFC 4
    • FBX - (Warning: Do not export FBX directly from Revit)
    • STP
    • RVT



Position 3D Models

  • Edit the model position either by right-clicking the object and selecting Edit Model
    • Or, by clicking the pencil icon on the model card
  • Choose a movement option from the floating menu
    • Translate - use the movement handles to manually manipulate the position in x, y, z directions, or grab and drag the plane
    • Rotate - Click and drag to rotate about x, y, z axes
    • Snap - Orient rotation with 'parallel to plane' and adjust the alignment with 'point to plane'
  • Automatically position the model using the following features:
    • 'Center model on map tile' - Aligns the model to the center of the map tile
    • 'Snap to position using another model' - Align the model to a pre-existing positioned model
    • 'Scale Model Units' - Convert units 1:1 Eg. 1m = 1ft
      • Note: Scale Model Units only available for FBX files



Edit Model Elements

  • cmBuilder now allows you to edit the color of individual model elements
  • Right-click the model element
    • Select Edit model element
    • From here you can edit the name and color of the model element



Managing Model Files

  • Store and manage uploaded models from Documents
    • To download the original model file, click the three dots on the model card, followed by Download Original Model
    • Click Upload to upload another model file from here
    • Like with projects, you can archive models. This will not remove them from the scenario to preserve where the models is used in previous scenario versions
      • Click the three dots on the model on the model name, then click Archive
      • To remove the model from the scenario, that must be done within the scenario from Imported Models


Update 3D Models

This feature is not available with a Starter (Legacy) subscription.

Update and preserve the model position and sequencing with Model Sync. To update an existing model:

  • Click the three dots on the model card from the 'Imported Model' side sheet
  • Click Update with a new model and upload the new file
    • You will be notified once the new version is available


  • Click Review from the pop-up notification, or Review new version from the model card
  • Review changes and confirm by clicking Update Version
Note: Changes are indicated by the blue dots



Further Reading:

🔗 Object Controls - For information on how to manipulate an object's spatial position and orientation


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