1.1.1 3D Conversion Instructions

How to export a 3D model for cmBuilder

In the following tutorials you will find some best practices and tips for exporting models for use in cmBuilder.



cmBuilder accepts the following file formats:

  • IFC 2x3
  • IFC 4
  • FBX
  • STP
  • RVT (Not available for Revit 2025 yet, export to IFC if using Revit 2025)

The following guide is aimed at optimally pre-processing and exporting the model in the originating CAD software.

๐Ÿ”— Export from Revit

๐Ÿ”— Export from Navisworks

๐Ÿ”— Export from Sketchup

๐Ÿ”— Export from Drone Deploy



  • cmBuilder represents the construction of the building by revealing (hide/show) floors or sections of the building 3D model sequentially with milestones
    • That is, in most cases (vertical construction) creating a milestone for each floor
  • The model tree is required to be organized so that it can be used in this way
    • Hide/show is performed via the model tree structure in the Model Browser
    • Currently, the tree structure cannot be edited in cmBuilder


  • Most CAD software's have the ability to export to 'Open BIM' file formats; and therefore, cmBuilder accepts IFC, FBX, and STP file formats
  • In most cases, it's recommended to export to an IFC2x3 file format

Conversion Tips & Tricks:

In most cases, you should export and import to cmBuilder directly. However, there are several approaches to enable the desired construction sequencing and to preserve the original model.

Tip 1 - Improve model tree structure with Navisworks




  1. Either export to NWC from Revit and open in Navisworks, or open the RVT file directly in Navisworks
  2. Filter and remove nonessential elements. (See: Export to Navisworks)
  3. Export to FBX

Tip 2 - Filter elements with BIMvision




  1. Export to IFC file
  2. Open in BIMVision, a free IFC viewer
  3. Filter and remove nonessential elements, and split using IFC Split plugin
  4. Export visible

Tip 3 - Reduce and organize by splitting models



  1. Within Revit or other software, split model into smaller parts using hide function
  2. With only one discipline or section shown, export visible
  3. Repeat for each discipline or section
  4. Upload several models at once from the project building set


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