1.1.4 Converting from SketchUp

Exporting Models from SketchUp

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In this tutorial, you will learn best practices to export a 3D model from SketchUp for use in cmBuilder.


Filtering the Model

1. Use Layers to filter elements and remove nonessential objects from your model like Furniture, Fixtures, Fasteners and so on.


2. Right click > Explode to split objects into constituent parts to delete nonessential elements from the viewer (save as new file in this case to keep original file intact)

3. Select File > Export > 3D Model



Export Options

Exported SketchUp models can have varied results depending on how the model was created and what you want to see in cmBuilder

Export to IFC4 (recommended for most models)

1. Click on Save as Type and select IFC4

  • Note: cmBuilder also supports IFC2x3, but IFC4 will have better results

2. Click on Export



Export to .FBX (use only for textured models)

1. Click on Save as Type and select FBX

2. Adjust the settings under Options

  • Check Triangulate all faces
  • Check Swap YZ coordinates (defines orientation of model upon import)
  • Note: If a face appears one-sided (i.e. only visible from one side) in cmBuilder, check Export two-sided faces

3. Click on Export




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