1.2 Import Schedule

Supported file types

  • Microsoft Project: .mpx, .mpp, .mpd, .xml
  • Primavera P6: .xer, .xml
  • Asta / Powerproject: .pp, .xml
  • Excel and others: .csv, .prx, .stx, .pep, .pod, .fts, .gan, .ppx, .plf, .cdpx, .sp, .gan, .sdef, .schedule_grid, .pc

How to import a schedule

Learn how to import your project schedule for the bulk creation of milestones.

Importing a File

  1. Click the three dots on the Milestone Card and select Project Schedule or go to Project Setup > Manage Schedule
  2. From the side menu, click Import Schedule
  3. Click Upload File or select a previously uploaded schedule from the list and click Load
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Importing a CSV File

  1. Use the file provided in the "Download CSV Template" link at the Import Schedule side sheet
  2. Fill up all required data on the CSV file: Name and Start date (yyyy-mm-dd)
  3. Optional: Fill up the optional data on the CSV file: End date (yyyy-mm-dd) and PairingID

Importing an XML file

  • cmBuilder is only compatible with Microsoft Project XML schema. Please select the latest version of Project XML export when creating files from software like Primavera P6 and others

Selecting Tasks

  • Once uploaded, choose which tasks in the schedule to convert to milestones by selecting from the following options:
    • Check Start Date box - Create a milestone using the start date
    • Check End Date box - Create a milestone using the end date
    • Check both boxes - Create a milestone for both the start and end date
  • Use the search bar to find specific tasks by name then click Next
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Reviewing task selection

  1. On this page, you should review the tasks before the creation of the milestones. It's advised to resolve conflicts of milestones with equal dates by changing their dates or merging them into one.
  2. Milestone status is display at the top. You can also check which milestones are "NEW" (synced to a schedule file) and which are EXISTING (created in cmBuilder)
  3. Use X button to remove a milestone
  4. Click on "Append Start/Finish to milestone names" to add a suffix to the milestone name and help identify which date was used as a reference
  5. Click "Back" to return to the previous step or Click "Apply" to implement and milestones will be created
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