1.2.1 Schedule Sync

How to import a schedule

Learn how to import your project schedule for the bulk creation of milestones.

Schedule Sync for schedule updates

  1. To update the existing schedule, update in MS Project or Primavera P6 and re-export
  2. Upload the new file
  3. The following pop-up will appear - this gives the ability to keep the manual changes previously made to schedule milestones, indicated by a blue dot
    • Otherwise, toggle this option off to override with the new schedule
  4. Follow the same procedure for selecting and reviewing milestones
    • Previous selection will be preserved
  5. Click Apply Changes to implement updates

Import Schedule.png


Manage existing schedule

Once uploaded, the schedule file is now accessible from the Imported Schedule menu.

  • Click the three dots on the card for options
    • Select Edit Schedule to add or edit milestones from this schedule
    • Select Unlink Schedule to cease linking the current file
      • Note: This will not delete the associated milestones created from the schedule, only the file itself. It is not currently possible to bulk delete existing milestones




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