1.5 Create Structures with Massing

How to create structures using the massing tool

In this tutorial you will learn how to create structures and buildings within cmBuilder using the massing tool.


  • Go to Buildings, followed by Massing
  • Click Detailed /Simple Massing and then click Add Volume
  • Place points of the polyline to define a closed shape, Click Done


Detailed Massing

  • Define number of floors, floor height, color, and elevation if applicable. Click Confirm
    • Note: The total number of floors must be defined upon creation, as it is currently not possible to add floors post hoc
  • Edit shape of the massing for single or multiple floors
    • When editing, click the three dots on the floor where the change occurs
    • Choose to edit 'Current Only' or 'Current and All Above'
    • Edit the shape as desired by moving, creating or deleting points, and click 'Done'
  • Use the Model Browser to hide/show floors for sequencing

What is a Detailed Massing?

    • A multi-level 3D shape that can be used to represent buildings and structures, roads, or any other object
    • Can be sequenced with milestones with hide/show
    • Typically used for something within the scope of work


Simple Massing

  • Edit height, color/opacity and position by by double clicking the massing (or right click, edit)
    • To edit height - select the cog to adjust and pull handles to suit
    • Click 'Apply to All Milestones' to set the color and opacity

What is a Simple Massing?

    • A single-level 3D shape used to represent surrounding buildings, obstructions or any other object
    • Cannot be sequenced; is either, hidden or shown for the whole simulation
    • Typically used for something outside the scope of work


Further Reading:

🔗 Massing - For a more in depth explanation and examples


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