2.3 Use & Sequence Resources

How to setup a site using resources

In this tutorial you will learn how to setup a detailed site plan using the built-in resource library.



  • With in the scenario, access the resource library from Resources & Equipment
  • Search from All or explore items by the following categories -
    • Equipment & Vehicles - machinery and construction equipment
    • Logistics & Facilities - site mobilization & setup
    • Public Road Vehicles - general vehicles
    • Site Conditions - surrounding environment
    • Safety & Personnel - site controls
    • Building Elements - building components
  • There are 3 types of resource placement:
    1. Point - click to place on the map tile - move freely in space
    2. Polyline - draw a line with a series of connected points - attached to map or sketch plane
    3. Polygon - draw at least two vertices to automatically create a polygon - attached to map or sketch plane


Edit, Position, and Adjust Resource:

    • To edit double click the object, or right click and select Edit either on the 3D object or name in the model browser
      • From here; copy/paste, hide/show, undo/redo, zoom on object, or delete
    • Position using the movement handles - translate, rotate, or snap
    • Adjust parametric resources by clicking the gear cog icon and suitably drag handles
      • Alternatively, adjust available parameters using slide bars on the edit menu


Polyline Propagation Mode:

  • Propagation mode defines the reference used to anchor a polyline resource
  • There are three modes:
    • Follow Terrain - Each panel follows the map terrain
    • Straight Line - Follows a straight line between points
    • Follow Plane - Follows defined sketch plane offset


Sequence Resources using milestones:

  • Control the visibility of resources between milestones; that is, when it will appear and disappear in the sequence
  • When editing a resource, click the drop-down menu, From and To, and define the range of milestones it will be visible
    • Use Set to Current, at the bottom of the drop-down to select the milestone which is currently showing
Note: The start and end milestones are inclusive and the resource will show on these milestones



What is a Resource?

  • A resource is a 3D parametric (or non parametric) model representing a real-world object
  • Resource models such as equipment are created with actual specifications, unless stated otherwise i.e. "generic"

Can't find a Resource?

If you can't find a resource in the library for something you intend to use on site or would like to show, we can create it for you!

  • Click the help icon (question mark), then click Resource Request
    • Provide a brief description of the resource and include a reference such as a photo, spec. sheet, or any other information you can provide
  • Our team will create a parametric model and add it the library within a few days, depending on the specifics of the request





Further Reading:

🔗 Resource Sequencing - For more detailed information on how to sequence resources

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