3.1 Produce a Presentation

How to create Presentations and add Markups

In this tutorial you will learn how to create and share a presentation and informational callouts known as markups.



  • The cmBuilder presentation is where the sequence of milestones are captured to show the end-to-end simulation
  • The presentation is made up of slides per milestone, which play continuously like an animation
  • A slide contains a view angle and can include overlaid information (markups) such as text callouts



1. Access the presentation slides from Presentation and Markup from the bottom or top toolbar, or the three dots on the milestone card



  • Upon opening, each milestone has a default slide as a placeholder
  • If the presentation is played with only the placeholder slides, the milestones will cycle and the sequence shown; however, the view will remain static




2. Create a slide - either edit the default slide, or create a new one

  • To edit a slide: click the card, right-click-edit, or click the three dots and select Edit
  • To create a new slide click + Add Slide

3. Capture or recapture a view angle

  • + Add Slide will capture an angle upon creation
  • Reset the camera angle by clicking Capture Angle from the top right toolbar
Note: It's not necessary to capture a view angle for every milestone - the presentation will play from the last captured view angle


4. Add Markups

  • Add Markup items from the bottom toolbar
    • Measure Distance - measure between two selected points
    • Custom Section - 3D model section
    • Sea Level Elevation - measure local elevation of selected point
    • Callouts - text box
  • Edit or Remove items by clicking the three dots on the item
  • Double-click callouts in the viewer to edit


5. Repeat as necessary

  • Click Done once finished editing
  • Create as many slides as desired for one or multiple/every milestone


6. Create a cover slide

Now that you have created slides and added markup items to it, the next step is to set up a Presentation Cover Slide for your presentation. The cover slide is the first slide in a presentation that provides a visual representation of what the audience can expect to learn.

To add a cover slide to your presentation, follow these simple steps:

    • Choose the desired slide to serve as the cover slide. Click three dots, and select "Set as presentation cover slide" button.
    • You have successfully added a cover slide to your presentation, and can independently edit its timing settings to customize its appearance.


    • You also have the option to change or remove the cover slide by using the three-dot menu found on the cover slide. This allows you to replace it with a different slide or navigate back to the original one.




Settings and Additional Functions

  • Reorder slides by dragging a slide before or after another slide or milestone
  • Hide the slide from being shown in the presentation by using the eye toggle on the slide
  • Hide all slides contained in a particular milestone by using the eye toggle next to the milestone name and drop-down

New Presentation Timeline View Settings

  • Start by clicking the gear icon located in the left-side menu. This opens the Presentation Settings menu on your right.
  • At the top, there’s a handy preview of your current presentation settings, including the label and timeline.
  • If you prefer a cleaner look without the milestone labels, simply toggle the 'Display Label' switch to OFF.
  • Choose the desired date format from the dropdown menu in the Date Settings.
  • Checking the “Display Next Milestone Name” box will display the upcoming milestone in the presentation label.
  • To hide the timeline, flip the 'Display Timeline' toggle to OFF.
  • Now, for those with Premium or Enterprise subscriptions, you’ve got access to the Branding options.
  • Toggle to display a logo—be it your company’s, your customer's, or any other—within your presentation. Adjust this setting ON or OFF as needed.
  • Customize the label background, text, and border colors, along with the timeline color, using the color selection boxes.
  • Make sure to preview the selected presentation settings at the top to ensure everything looks just right.
  • Once you're happy with the adjustments, hit 'Done.' Your presentation is now set to play with all your personalized settings.

7 presentation timeline settings.png

Play Presentation

  • Click Play from beginning to view entire presentation
    • There is also a play button available from the three dots on the MS manger
    • To start from a subsequent point - navigate to the slide and click the drop-down to Play from Current Slide
  • While in presentation mode, pause and cycle between milestones with the side arrows
  • Not just a video - the presentation can be stopped and the site plan interrogated at any time

Time Settings

  • Adjust the speed and flow of the presentation by editing the time settings
    • Click the three dots on the slide, and Edit Slide
    • Time Settings are available from the right-side menu
    • Slide Transition - time duration of transition between slides
Note: A very fast slide transition time can result in a jerky presentation. Recommended Setting: 2 seconds.
  • Slide Duration - time duration that the slide is static on the screen
  • Click Apply to all slides to execute settings change to all slides



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