3.2 Share and Export

In this tutorial learn how to share the site plan, final presentation and create a 2D export.


The methods discussed here are the available methods of output for cmBuilder:

  • Share options are available from the Share button, in the upper right corner of the viewer
  • Share links do not allow editing of the scenario; only view mode is available
  • A cmBuilder subscription is not required to access the share link; anyone can open the link in a browser

There are 3 options to share the site logistics plan/simulation:

  1. Share the live site plan
  2. Share the final presentation sequence
  3. Export 2D screenshots of presentation slides or selected views



1. Share the site plan

To share the live site plan:

  • Go to Share
    • Click Generate Link (Next)
      • To reduce operating requirements (internet download and GPU), check Force share link to be in optimize performance mode
      • Set or Deselect Enable Expiration Date
    • Click Generate Link again, and Copy
    • Get link in QR code form by clicking Download QR Code
  • Upon following the link the site plan will be on view mode only
    • The viewer can navigate through milestones and access the review tab
    • Any changes made are live and the viewer will see the updated site upon saving

2. Share the presentation

To share the completed presentation:

  • Go to Share
    • Click Generate Link and check Milestone Presentation Mode
    • Define the presentation settings or leave as default start to end
    • Click Generate Link, and finally Copy the link to share


Hide Milestone Dates

Hide the date shown on the milestone card for a shared site plan or presentation, as shown below.



To hide dates:

  • Go to Share
    • Click Generate Link
    • Check Hide milestone dates
    • This change can be implemented to either the shared site plan or the shared presentation
    • Finally, click Generate Link


3. 2D Export

To export the presentation slides as a 2D image:

    • Go to Share, then Export presentation slides
      • Select the slides to be exported, or click Select All to export all slides
      • Click Export Selected, and choose the resolution of the exported images from standard to 16k resolution
Note: Only PNG export is available. Refer to Export current view below for pdf export
  • Alternatively, from the presentation tool, click the three dots on the slide to be exported, or any slide to export the entire presentation
    • Click Export, and follow the steps above


To export a screenshot of a current view or slide:

  • Go to Share, then Export current view
    • Select the file type as either a PNG or PDF, and set the image quality if exporting a PNG
  • To export a pdf of a presentation slide, open the presentation tool, then click the slide to be exported
  • While the slide view is active (showing view and markups), follow the steps above and select pdf file type on export




4. Export Presentation Video - Learn in-depth how to export a video of your finished presentation on this page - 7.4 Exporting Videos.


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