Scenario & Site Plan

In this section, you will learn all the functionality inside the cmBuilder Scenario and how to use these tools to create a site plan.




Find tutorials based on the following index:

πŸ”— 0. Scenario Interface - Share your site plan and presentation, change view settings or units (user preferences), and some useful tools and shortcuts

πŸ”— 1. Project Setup - Import and overlay a drawing, and create a property line

πŸ”— 2. Excavation - Create an excavation plan

πŸ”— 3. Buildings - Import 3D building models, and create building representations with massing

πŸ”— 4. Resources & Equipment - Access the cmBuilder resource library for parametric and non-parametric models of construction resources

πŸ”— 5. Review - Create visual markups to call out information, and use measurement and sectioning tools

πŸ”— 6. Milestone Manager - Add and edit milestones to create the sequence

πŸ”— 7. Presentation - Create a shareable and interactive presentation of the final sequence

πŸ”— 8. Resource Schedule - Access a schedule timeline of utilized resources


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