0.1.1 Display

Adjust basic view options and visibility of objects in the viewer.




Map Type

  • Default - Show the default map style view
  • Satellite View - Show the satellite image of the map tile


  • This can also be accessed from the map button, in the bottom right corner of the viewer



  • Environmental Lighting - Customize ambient lighting for the scenario
  • Background Color - Change the background color from the white default



Hide and show the following items:

  • Origin Axis - origin point of the scenario
  • Surrounding Buildings - generated surrounding building massing's
  • Terrain - map tile to show only the buildings or excavation boundary
  • Measurements - measurements that show when using the polyline tool or the manual measurements made from the Review Tab
  • Resource Coverage Envelope - the highlighted envelope of specific resources (radius for fixed cranes, travel path for hoists...)
  • Topographic Lines - the elevation contour lines of the area


Select a view type - perspective, orthographic, or 2D/top down:

  • Perspective - 3-Dimensional realistic view
    • Adjust the field of view angle 50 deg. by default
    • Higher view angles useful for exploring inside building model, or 2D export


  • Orthographic - 3-Dimensional with parallel perspective.


  • Top Down - 2-Dimensional bird's eye view of the site plan
    • This can also be accessed from the [2D] button, in the bottom right corner of the viewer



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