0.1.2 Graphics

Adjust and customize the visual graphics of environment and objects in the viewer.




Predefined Configurations

Choose from the following preset graphic setting configurations:

  • Best Performance

    • Optimize for performance
    • All graphic settings disabled to increase frame rate
  • Recommended

    • Optimize for both performance and quality
  • Best Quality

    • Optimize for quality
  • Custom

    • Manually adjust graphic settings



  • Ground Shadow - Toggle shadows that appear on the ground from structures and objects
  • Ambient Occlusion - Toggle and adjust realistic shadows from ambient lighting on building model surfaces


  • Environmental Lighting - Adjust the ambient color from a warm to cool atmosphere
  • Background Color - Customize the surrounding background color from the default of white

Building & Object Display

  • Building Edges - Show the edges of the 3D building model
  • Object White Line - Show white outline when selecting objects
  • Anti Aliasing - Smooth object edges


What is Ambient Occlusion?

  • Ambient Occlusion is a rendering setting that calculates the exposure to, or obstruction of, an object to ambient lighting
  • Observe this setting change in the corners of rooms or where there are surrounding objects which generate a shadow





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