0.3 Access to Edit

View/Edit Mode and Locking

Learn about user access modes and locking functionality of the site plan.


  • Only one user can edit the site plan at any given time
  • Only users with permission can edit the site plan
  • Click Edit when in View Mode for full access to tools
  • Click Save & View when in Edit Mode to return to View Mode
  • Click the Lock Icon to disable the ability to edit


View Mode:

  • The scenario will be on view mode by default for existing scenarios
  • This mode grants users limited access to review tools, milestones and basic navigation tools
    • Note: In View Mode, users are unable to save any changes made


Edit Mode:

  • The scenario will be on edit mode by default for newly created scenarios
  • Only users with edit rights will have permission to edit the site plan, and will be able to do so, one user at a time
  • This mode grants users full access to all edit tools, milestones and all navigation tools
  • In the Edit Mode, users are able to save changes made
    • From the dropdown list, click Save and View to enable view mode


Lock and Save:

  • Toggle the Lock Icon to disable and enable editing
    • When locked, the scenario is on View Mode and the edit button will be disabled
    • Unlock to enable access to Edit Mode
  • Click Save, to save any changes to the site plan
    • Note: AutoSave is enabled by default

Warning Messages:

  1. Another user is editing the project: In this case, you will not have access to edit until the other user closes their session or returns to view mode.


2. Multiple open sessions: In this case, close the duplicate instances of the session to continue editing.



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