0.4 Site Plan Multiplayer

Multiplayer - View Mode

Multiplayer mode currently allows users to view the live actions and the perspective of the editor.

Live Site Plan Sharing

  • See which users are currently present in the scenario site plan at the top of the viewer
  • As a viewer, see changes as they are made on the site plan
  • Follow the perspective of the user currently editing



To follow the editors' perspective:

  1. Click their User Icon to observe
  2. A pop-up message and colored viewer border will notify that you are observing the users' perspective
  3. Watch as the user navigates the site and milestones -
    • Selected objects will also be highlighted for the viewer
    • Changes will be shown after the editor has confirmed the change
  4. Click the cross on the pop-up to exit


Note: The viewer cannot see the editing functions; however, they will see the change once it has been confirmed.


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