0.5 History & Undo

History Log and Undo/Redo

How to keep track of changes made to your site plan and revert changes using undo/redo functionality.


  • View and select to revert to previous states using the history log
  • Undo and Redo functionality is accessed from the top tool bar or by mouse right-click
  • Undo/Redo is currently limited to resource movements, drawing overlay, detailed massing, and hiding/showing building model element

Accessing the History Log:

  • Click on the autosave timer next to the lock/unlock icon.
  • From the dropdown history list, select desired action.


  • Click Restore This State to accept changes and revert to selected state.


Using Undo and Redo:

  • Right click on selected resource, building model or empty space
  • Select undo/redo to make desired changes
    • Note: The undo feature is limited to 10 previous states and the button will disable upon reaching this limit



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