1.2 Zones




Zones are color-highlighted areas used to designate areas of emphasis, such as hazard zones and loading zones.

To create and customize a zone:

  1. Navigate to Zones from Project Setup.
  2. Click points on the polyline to create a polygon (minimum 3 points required).
  3. A right-side menu will appear; use the pen tool at the top to rename your zone.
  4. Use the "Project on Terrain" toggle button to project or unproject the zone on terrain.
  5. To change the color of a zone, click the color box and select one of the system defaults.
  6. To pick a custom color and adjust the transparency of a zone, click the plus (+) button under custom colors. Then, select your desired color and use the gradient slider to adjust transparency.
  7. Use Map to Milestones: Define a From and To date to sequence a zone in the milestones.

To edit a zone:

  1. Click "Move" and use the movement handles to move the zone.
  2. Click "Rotate" to rotate the zone in the Z plane (note that rotation in the X or Y plane is not possible).
  3. Click "Properties" to preview the zone's area.
  4. Click "Edit Sketch" to redraw the zone shape, and then click "Confirm" when done.
  5. Click "Done" at the bottom to exit the Zone side menu.

To re-edit a zone:

Mouse double-click on the zone or right-click, then select "Edit" to open the side menu.

Note: Modifying the color of one zone will not affect the color of other zones of the same type.                                   

To delete a zone:

Option 1: Click the delete button at the bottom right corner on the zone side menu.

Option 2:

  1. Click the model browser icon.
  2. Toggle to "Site Planning."
  3. Expand Project Setup and zone.
  4. Right-click the zone you want to delete and click "Delete."
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