3.1 Imported Model

Using 3D building models in cmBuilder

Learn how to upload a model file from within the scenario and position it on your site plan.

Import 3D models

  • In edit mode, click Buildings from the toolbar, followed by Imported Model
  • Upload a model from file, or browse existing project files (accessed from Documents)
  • The model will now upload and be optimized for the web or "cooked", which may take several minutes depending on the size of the file
    • Note: The file size upload limit is 1.5 GB and the recommended file size should be less than 500 MB to prevent affected site load time
  • cmBuilder accepts the following file formats:
    • IFC 2x3
    • IFC 4
    • RVT
    • FBX
    • STP


Position 3D Models

  • Edit the model position either by right-clicking the object and selecting Edit Model
    • Or, by clicking the pencil icon on the model card
  • Choose a movement option from the floating menu
    • Translate - use the movement handles to manually manipulate the position in x, y, z directions, or grab and drag the plane
    • Rotate - Click and drag to rotate about x, y, z axes
    • Snap - Orient rotation with 'parallel to plane' and adjust alignment with 'point to plane'
  • Automatically position the model using the following features:
    • 'Center model on map tile' - Aligns the model to the center of the map tile
    • 'Snap to position using another model' - Align the model to a pre-existing positioned model
    • 'Scale Model Units' - Convert units 1:1 Eg. 1m = 1ft
      • Note: Scale Model Units only available for FBX files


Edit Model Elements

  • cmBuilder now allows you to edit the color of individual model elements
  • Right-click the model element
    • Select Edit model element
    • From here you can edit the name and color of the model element


Update 3D Models

Update and preserve model position and sequencing with Model Sync. To update an existing model:

  • Click the three dots on the model card from the 'Imported Model' side sheet
  • Click Update with new model and upload the new file
    • You will be notified once the new version is available


  • Click Review from the pop-up notification, or Review new version from the model card
  • Review changes and confirm by clicking Update Version
    • Note: Changes are indicated by the blue dots


Manage Model Files

  • Store and manage uploaded models from Documents
    • To download the original model file, click the three dots on the model card, followed by Download Original Model
    • Click Upload to upload another model file from here
    • Like with projects, you can archive models. This will not remove them from the scenario to preserve where the models is used in previous scenario versions
      • Click the three dots on the model on the model name, then click Archive
      • To remove the model from the scenario, that must be done within the scenario from Imported Models




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