3.3 Lasso Select

The Lasso Selection feature allows users to multi-select objects in the site plan (select multiple at the same time to edit).


Lasso Select Building Model

  1. Click on the 3D model prior to lasso selection to filter out the surrounding buildings in the selection
  2. Hold the Ctrl key
  3. Click and hold the left mouse button
  4. Drag a box around the building elements you want to select
  5. Repeat while still holding Ctrl to make multiple selections



  • Either use the selection filtering described in Step 1. or, temporarily hide surrounding buildings for an unobstructed view of the model
  • Use the Orthographic view setting to get a 2D perspective of the building - making it easier to select levels


Lasso Select Surrounding Buildings

  • Perform the same steps described above focusing on the surrounding buildings
  • To filter out 3D model elements, pre-select a surrounding building prior to lasso selection, or for an unobstructed view, temporarily hide the imported building model


Hiding Selection

There are a few options to hide the building elements once selected:

  • Right-click on selection, and click Hide selection
  • Use the key shortcut of Ctrl + ~
  • Hide selected elements or buildings from the model tree browser


Note: The selection shown in the tree is only shown for parts, not parents. So, if building model elements are housed in parent folders, it may be necessary to use the Expand All option.



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