5.4 AI Based Crane Optimization (BETA)

Use this automated tool to optimize crane selection and placement for your site.


  1. Go to Resources & Equipment > Equipment & Vehicles >Fixed Cranes > Click Start (under Crane Optimization)
  2. Define Property Line to start Crane Optimization
  3. Toggle ON/OFF pre-settings
    • Building Model - 3D model or massing
    • Surrounding Buildings - optimize crane location based on surrounding buildings
    • Place Crane inside Building Footprint - optimize the space on top of building
    • Property Line - optimize crane location based on defined construction boundary
  4. Define Critical Lift by either of the following (add one or more critical lifts)-
    • Click Define dimensions to fill in the dimensions of a critical lift and define the location inside the 3D Viewer
      • Enter Width, Height, Length, Weight values > Click Place
    • Click Pick from the Viewer to define an object inside the viewer as a critical lift and autofill the information
      • Select a point in the viewer to define critical lift
  5. Click Next > Choose crane types > Click Next
  6. Define zones for crane optimization (Optional) > Click Next
  7. Define minimum distance from building and select number of cranes for solution > Click Optimize
  8. Select the best optimized crane location solution


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