8.1 Milestone Manager

How to create and manage project milestones

Learn about the functionality of the milestone manager tool.



  • The milestone manager is the card at the top center of the viewer
  • It allows the user to create and manage milestones which form the steps in the sequence
  • Click the three dots on the card to open the manger functionality
  • A table view of the milestones (project schedule) is available from Milestone manager from the three dots on the card


Creation of Milestones

There are three ways to create milestones:

  1. Click the plus button (+) on the milestone manager - Enter a name and date and press enter (or click off) to confirm
  2. From the table view, click the three dots on an existing milestone. Then, Add milestone and add before or after the existing milestone
  3. Import a schedule file for automatic creation of milestones - from Project Setup or Imported Schedule (three dots) shown above

Manage Milestones

  • To navigate through the milestones - click either arrow (< >) next to the card or use the key board shortcut of Ctrl + left/right arrow keys
  • To edit an existing milestone - double-click the card, and then click the name or date to adjust them respectively
    • Or, Select Edit name and date from the three dots drop-down
  • To change the view displayed milestone increment from the default of weeks - Click the three dots and hover over View
    • Select from Weekly, Monthly, or Index
    • Index appears as 'ms #'
  • Select Current Milestone to select the milestone right before "today" date
  • Select Multiple View to display multiple milestones on the milestone manager

Manager Table View

  • To access the milestone manager table/list view, click the three dots, followed by Milestone Manager
    • The current milestone is indicated by the blue dot
    • To edit the milestone name and date -
      • double-click on the name or date,
      • Right-click anywhere on the milestone,
      • Or, click the three dots on the right
    • Select Go to milestone to navigate the viewer the particular milestone, either by hovering over the milestone to the left of the name, or from the three dots on the milestone
    • To create new milestones, go to the adjacent milestone where it is to be placed, click the three dots and hover the cursor over + Add milestone
      • Add before, to create a new milestone preceding the selected milestone
      • Add after, to create a new milestone after following the selected milestone



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