6.1.1 Presentation Settings

Settings and Additional Functions

Learn about additional tool functionality and customize the presentation settings.



Additional Features

  • Reorder slides by dragging a slide before or after another slide or milestone
  • Hide the slide from being shown in the presentation by using the eye toggle on the slide
  • Hide all slides contained in a particular milestone by using the eye toggle next to the milestone name and drop-down

Time Settings

  • Adjust the speed and flow of the presentation by editing the time settings
    • Click the three dots on the slide, and Edit Slide
    • Time Settings are available from the right-side menu
  • Slide Transition - time duration of transition between slides
    • Note: A very fast slide transition time can result in a jerky presentation. Recommended Setting: 2 seconds.
  • Slide Duration - time duration that the slide is static on the screen
  • Click Apply to all slides to execute settings change to all slides


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