6.3 Export Slides

How to Export Presentation Slides and Views

Generate a 2D export of the presentation slides and view angles


Export Slides

  • Go to Share, then Export presentation slides
  • Alternatively, from the presentation tool, click the three dots on the slide to be exported, or any slide to export the entire presentation
    • Click Export




  • Select the slides to be exported, or click Select All to export all slides
  • Click Export Selected, and choose the resolution of the exported images from standard to 16k resolution
    • Note: Only PNG export is available in BETA version. Refer to Export current view below for pdf export




Export Current View

To export a screenshot of a current view or slide:

  • Go to Share, then Export current view
  • Select the file type as either a PNG or PDF, and set the image quality if exporting a PNG
  • To export a pdf of a presentation slide, open the presentation tool, then click the slide to be exported
    • While the slide view is active (showing view and markups), follow the steps above and select pdf file type on export









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