0.3 User Preferences

User Settings

How to set user preferences such as units and date settings.

User Settings-01.png

User Settings-02.png 


User Preferences:

Click the User Icon, to define personal settings -

  • Select User Preferences
    • Set date, time and unit settings
      • Note: Milestone display can also be changed from the Milestone Manager within the scenario
    • Prior to any changes, the settings are the company defined default (see below)
      • Click Restore Company Preferences, to reset and revert all settings to the company default
      • Click Restore Company Units, to specifically reset unit preferences
    • Click Confirm to implement changes

Company Settings (Admins Only):

Go to Company Settings, to define default settings for all company users -

  1. Set default date & time formats from General Settings
    • Click Save to implement changes
  2. Set default units from Unit Preferences
    • Quickly adjust using the Metric and Imperial default presets
    • Click Save to implement changes


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