1.2 Create [Project]

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a project for the first time.


1. Create

  • From the landing page (Projects), click Create (top right)
  • Enter a project name
  • There's also an option to upload a project cover photo here
  • Click Next: Setup 3D Map
Create Project-01.png


2. Define the map tile size

  • Enter an address for the project and the viewer will navigate the globe to the location
  • Select from a predefined size or adjust to a custom size
    • Small - 305 x 305 [m]
    • Medium - 610 x 610 [m]
    • Large - 915 x 915 [m]
    • Extra Large - 1725 x 1725 [m]
    • Custom - 100-5000 [m]
  • To adjust to a custom size, either; drag the corners of the box in the viewer, drag the handle on the panel, or type a value from 100-5000 m
  • To adjust the location of the preview box, pan the viewer by using right-click and drag
  • Click Generate 3D Map


  • Address/Origin conflict warning may appear if the preview box (origin) has been moved from the dropped pin (address)
    • Click Set New Address to combine them


3. Set Terrain Mode

  • Select from Topographic or flat map mode
  • If flat map mode selected - there's an option to define the sea-level elevation at all points
    • "Flat map will be set at zero sea level by default, adjust this number to manually set the desired ground elevation"
  • Define the map tile thickness by dragging the handle on the panel or entering a value from 20-200 m
    • Default thickness is set to 20 m - this may only be of consequence for deep excavations
  • Toggle on Display Sea level Indicator to measure sea level on map
  • Click Apply and Create Scenario


4. Review and Update

  • After performing the above steps a scenario has been created and you are now ready to begin working; however, if the location, size or terrain of the map requires changing, ensure to make this change prior to starting work if possible, as all scenarios must be deleted first
  • To update the map:
    • Return to project 'Overview' page by clicking the project name in the navigation tree
    • Click the three dots on the scenario card and click Delete
      • Confirm the pop-up
    • Click Update
      • Make the desired changes
      • Click Generate 3D Map
  • Now, recreate the scenario by clicking Create



Further Reading:

🔗Project Map Editing - Experimental Feature giving users the ability to update the map without deletion of all scenarios

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