4.1 Update Map Data

Updating The Project Map

Available with the Following Subscriptions: All Subscriptions
Available for the Following Roles: Project Admin  (
Note: You need to be an Admin for the specific Project you are looking to update the map for. You can check this under Project Settings > Project Roles)

You can update your map data to change the project address location, map size and topography type. Depending on the change, you might to adjust some elements already created in your site plan scenario to fit the new map. 


1. Click on the Edit button of your map on the Project Page.

2. Confirm that you understand this action might cause some rework:


3. The map selection process will restart and you can define if what changes you want to make:

  1. Changing address or the location of the map center: This might cause some conflicts as some elements in your scenario are referencing the map origin for location and might shift along with the change
  2. Changing map size: Assuming the origin remains the same, this won't cause any issues for most of the cases as it will simply scale the map from the origin point. The only feature affected by this change is the Drawing Overlay as it will need to be rescaled.
  3. Switching topo/flat mode: This would require some elevation adjustments for the elements that are not projected or connected to the terrain like: Massings, Imported Models/Meshes and Point Resources. 

To adjust the Surrounding Buildings, you can simply delete them all at your scenario and then Sync them in the Scenario Card at the Project Page.



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