4.2 Create Scenario

How to create a scenario

In this tutorial you will learn about scenarios and how to create one.


  • Scenarios are instances of the project; containing the generated map and simulation, and is required to access the viewer
  • The first scenario is automatically created upon project creation
  • To create a new scenario:
    • From the project 'Overview' page, click Create - this will automatically open the new scenario


Scenario Options

Click the three dots on the scenario card for the following options:

  • Set as main scenario - Make this the current primary scenario and show via Procore integration
  • Sync Surroundings - Update surrounding buildings if map updated or revive previously deleted surrounding buildings
  • Rename
  • Duplicate - Copy the scenario (changes not linked)
  • Delete - Permanently delete the scenario


Why Scenarios?

The map tile is the foundation of a project in cmBuilder, which everything else is built upon. A scenario is essentially a version of that project and map tile, allowing multiple versions for variations or updates

  • Upon creation, the scenario contains a generated map tile from the selected location with the existing surrounding buildings, and the first milestone (step in sequence)
  • cmBuilder allows users to create unlimited scenarios per project
  • Use cases include: 3D model or schedule update versions, simulation comparisons for schedule or equipment, project segmentation, and so on


  • If a scenario is duplicated, the two scenarios are independent and its' subsequent changes are not linked
  • A duplicate scenario will have the same milestones
  • As the map location is shared across all scenarios for the project. To update the map location, existing scenarios must be deleted first.


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