February 2023

New resource models uploaded on cmBuilder (all models are located at the excavated area):

At the left, open "Model browser" and select "Site Planning" to see the selected resource name.


Week: Feb 21 - 24: 🔗https://app2.cmbuilder.io/_sharedSitePlan/c74b94ad-c780-4ee8-4893-08db152d4561



Week: Feb 13 - 17: 🔗https://app2.cmbuilder.io/_sharedSitePlan/2ee79dc8-c765-48fd-4892-08db152d4561



Week: Feb 06 - 10: 🔗https://app.cmbuilder.io/_sharedSitePlan/8ade4f3e-5669-49bc-9390-08db0ae92fc3



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