0.3 Updating an imported model

Update 3D Models

Update and preserve model position and sequencing with Model Sync. To update an existing model:

  • Click the three dots on the model card from the 'Imported Model' side sheet
  • Click Update with new model and upload the new file
    • You will be notified once the new version is available


  • Click Review from the pop-up notification, or Review new version from the model card
  • Review changes and confirm by clicking Update Version
    • Note: Changes are indicated by the blue dots


Manage Model Files

  • Store and manage uploaded models from Documents
    • To download the original model file, click the three dots on the model card, followed by Download Original Model
    • Click Upload to upload another model file from here
    • Like with projects, you can archive models. This will not remove them from the scenario to preserve where the models is used in previous scenario versions
      • Click the three dots on the model on the model name, then click Archive
      • To remove the model from the scenario, that must be done within the scenario from Imported Models





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