0.3 Updating an imported model

This guide provides some instructions on how to bring a new version of your 3D model in.

Note: Any sequencing or manipulation done on the previous model won’t be applied to the new one but all the resources and milestones will be kept.


1 – Right-click on the model to be updated and select “Building Location Tool”


2 – Rename the model to identify this is an older version. This necessary because you can’t have two models with the same name uploaded to the same project.


3 – Click on Buildings > Building Location and click on “Upload 3D model”.


4 – After the conversion is done, the new model will show up in the center of the map. Select “Edit Model” on the new model card.


5 – Click on “Auto Positioning with Another Model” and select the older model from the drop down list and hit apply. The new model will snap to the position of the previous one.


6 – Now that the new model is in the right position, you can deactivate the previous model. This won’t delete it but keep it archived so if you want to reactivate it for some reason you can.



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