9.2 How to Animate Resources to Follow a Path

Animating Resources to Move along a Path

Animate resources such as vehicles or people to move along a user defined path. 

0. Initial Setup

Visual programming templates are preset packages of instructions for the resources. They can be used in several different ways and the file below refers exclusively to the animation of resources following a path:

**** Click to download - Resource Template - Move on Path ****

1. Create a 3D line

This line will determine the path of the vehicle.

  • From the Project Setup toolbox, select the 3D Line tool.

  • Draw the desired path for your vehicle. The first point will define the start of the animation and the last will define the end.

  • Define the 3D line settings like the name, line style, timeline connection and terrain projection from the side panel. Try to keep your lines correctly labelled to make it easy to identify and connect them to the objects in the next steps.


2. Add Resource to Scenario

  • Add the desired object from the Resource Library and open the Visual Programming panel.

  • Upload the template you downloaded from the Initial Setup step, or another appropriate template. Note some resources already have a pre-set template, but you can still make edits or add a new template.

  • Once the file is uploaded, click on the Edit button to adjust the template.


3. Edit the Visual Programming Template

In the Visual Programming editor, perform the actions below to adjust the animation of the resource:

  1. Click on the Minimize button to visualize the 3D view
  2. Reconnect the Object input and output in the indicated boxes
  3. Switch the Object field to update with the current Resource
  4. Select the desired path based on the 3D line names
  5. Optional - Define the speed factor for the animation (higher values = faster movements)
  6. Optional - Define the start point for the animation (% of the total path)
  7. Optional - Define the path completion factor (% of the total path)


Once you are done, close the Visual Programming editor, review the animation results and make the necessary adjustments.



Click on the links below to download other Visual Programming templates for moving resources along a path:

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