1.0 Procore Integration - Intro

What it does

The Procore-cmBuilder integration provides the following functionality:

1. Import project data from Procore to cmBuilder:

This feature allows users to seamlessly import Procore project data (projects and users with permissions) into cmBuilder


2. Embedded experience:

This feature allows users to directly access cmBuilder Site Plans within the Procore interface.


  • cmBuilder subscription
  • Procore account
  • User Permissions: The company integration can ONLY be completed by an admin or a user with necessary permissions assigned by the admin who has access to:
    • cmBuilder
    • Procore
How to setup the integration

Step 1: Linking Company space to Procore.

  1. Go to Company Settings on cmBuilder home page and then select Integrations.
  2. Procore integration will be listed here. Select the "Login to Procore" option.
  3. Click the "Log in from Procore" on the pop-up window. 4.png
  4. On a new tab, fill in user details on the Procore log in page.6Login Procore.png
  5. Select the company space in Procore to link up from the list.
  6. Next, it will redirect to cmBuilder page where you can select "Link Company".
  7. Click "Confirm Company" to accept changes.
  8. 5.png

Step 2: Users can find cmBuilder application inside Procore's app marketplace after linking your company space from cmBuilder.

Note: Installing the cmBuilder app grants company-wide access to connected companies.


Step 3: Configuration for projects can be defined using the create configuration button.


Step 4: From Procore, enable cmBuilder for the Company or selected Projects. 


Types of Integration

🔗Import projects from Procore to cmBuilder

🔗cmBuilder embedded experience in Procore

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