2.0 Add cmBuilder to your Autodesk Construction Cloud Dashboard

The Integration

cmBuilder.io seamlessly integrates with Autodesk Construction Cloud, providing direct access to the complete version of the cmBuilder app while remaining within the ACC interface.

Image 1.png


How to add cmBuilder.io card to your ACC dashboard

  1. Navigate to the ACC Dashboard.

  2. Click Customize at the top-right.1 - Copy.png

  3. Click Card Library.2 new.png

  4. Enter cmBuilder in the search bar.3.png

  5. Select the checkbox of the cmBuilder card and click Add Card.4.png

  6. Navigate to the cmBuilder card.

  7. Click Configure.5 new.png

  8. Edit the card title if necessary.

  9. Type or paste the cmBuilder embed link - https://app.cmbuilder.io. You can also paste your cmBuilder scenario link directly in the partner URL field. 6 new.png

  10. Click Save at the top-right of Customize Dashboard.7.png

  11. cmBuilder card can be expanded by clicking Expand on the top right of the card.8 new.png9.png

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