Improving the Background Image (Google Earth Pro)

Improving the Background Image (Google Earth Pro)

The background image of your scenario can be improved by using a satellite image. These can be exported from any satellite database but we suggest you download Google Earth Pro as it will provide a clear image.

  • Exporting from Google Earth Pro
  1. Input the address of your project or position the map so the boundaries of the image cover the whole are you want to export
  2. Click on the "X" to remove the pin from the view
  3. Deactivate all additional layers to clear the satellite image
  4. Once you position the image correctly, make sure to Reset Tilt and Compass to produce a flat image with no angle. This has to be done every time you move the view.
  5. Click on the Save Image button
  6. Set the resolution to Maximum
  7. Click on Save Image to download a new satellite image 

Once you have exported and edited your new background image, use the Drawing Overlay tool to upload, position and project the image on your scenario: 1.4 Overlay 2D Images

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