Extra Content - Optimizing your excavation

Here are the instructions on how to create an optimized excavation:

  • Try to reduce the amount of operations by combining them.

  • Avoid having operations shapes with faces that overlap with previous operations (coplanar surfaces) to prevent a heavy geometry calculation.

  • Avoid using duplications of the operations for the same reason. If you use duplicates, use a small offset on the duplicated sketch to prevent the coplanar surfaces:
    1. Open the Sketch of your duplicated operation
    2. Click on Offset
    3. Deactivate the Keep Original Line option
    4. Select the sketch line and define a small spacing like 0.01m just to avoid the overlap
    5. Confirm the offset and then confirm the sketch edit

  • Use Projected Zones instead of Cut/Fill to Terrain to change the ground color
  • Simplify the excavation boundary and cuts sketch for points that can be removed without altering the geometry too much
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