6.1.3 Presentation Timeline

Presentation Timeline Setup

Available with the Following Subscriptions*: All Subscriptions
Available for the Following Roles: All roles
*Branding customization options are available for Premium and Enterprise subscriptions only.

The Timeline feature integrates your project schedule with your 4D simulation, enhancing visualization and understanding of the project timeline. It provides a clear and interactive way to present the project schedule to stakeholders, improving overall communication and impact.

Setting up the Timeline

The Timeline feature is enabled by default and is visible only during presentation playback, using its preset settings and color scheme. To customize it, refer to the timeline preview in the presentation settings as detailed below.

Key customization options: 

  1. Label & timeline: Adjust date and step size
  2. Branding (Premium & Enterprise subscriptions): Modify the color scheme and add branding

Settings and Customization

  • Open the Presentation and Markup menu
  • Click Presentation settings (gear icon) from the Presentation & Markup side menu

Presentation Timeline-1.png

Use the preview area to see what your presentation will look like based on the settings you have selected

Presentation Timeline-2.png

Label & Timeline tab:

In this tab, you can configure presentation date settings, toggle the timeline display, adjust date units, enable auto-scaling for milestones, and customize milestone display options.

  • (1) Presentation date settings: Select choice option between Calendar date and Relative date 
    • Calendar date example: 2024, January
    • Relative date example: Year 1, Month 1
  • (2) Toggle Display timeline on/off: Turning this off would hide the Timeline bar at the bottom of the screen in presentation mode.
  • (3) Adjust unit settings:  
    • Display date: Select between Months, Weeks, or Days 
    • Date unit: Select between the following options ( Months used as example here but also applies similarly to Weeks and Days):
      • Calendar date: January, JAN, J
      • Relative date: Month 1, Mo 1, M 1 
  • (4) Select the Auto-scale timeline option to have your milestones automatically scaled across the full width of the screen in the timeline bar
  • (5) Milestone display options:    
    • Display label: Turning this off would hide the milestone viewer on the top left in presentation mode
    • Display next milestone: Select to display the upcoming milestone as part of the milestone card


Branding tab (Premium and Enterprise only):

In this tab you can customize your timeline color, milestone label text, background, and border, as well as your brand logo.

  • (1) Timeline color: Customize your timeline color by clicking on the color picker
  • (2) Label: You can customize your milestone label text, background, and border colors using the respective options
  • (3) Display logo:  Toggle on/off and select your desired logos (to learn how to upload a new logo, see Company Branding 


Play Presentation

Play the presentation to view your 4D simulation along with your selected timeline settings.

  • Click Play from beginning in the Presentation & Markup sidesheet

Presentation Timeline-4.png

  • Your presentation will begin with the settings you have configured



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