6.1.2 Markups

Add Markups to Presentation Slides

How to create and overlay visual information (Markups) such as measurements and text call outs to slides.



  • A markup is visual information added to the captured view angle to create a presentation slide
  • Markup options are available while editing a presentation slide
  • To create markups, go to the Presentation & Markup tool from the bottom or top toolbar; then:

1. To edit an existing slide:

    • Click an existing or default slide to see right side menu appear and bottom toolbar change
      • Or, click the three dots on the slide, then Edit Slide

2. To add a new slide:

    • Click +Add Slides,
      • Or, click the three dots on an existing/default slide and select Add Slide or Duplicate
      • Note: Adding a slide will capture and set the current view angle for the slide



Markup Items

  • While editing a slide, click one of the review functions, mentioned below, to add it to the slide
  • Each markup will be added and editable under Slide Items on the right side menu
  • The capture angle will also appear under the slide items and should be set prior to adding markups
  • It is possible to add multiple slide items to a singular slide

Minimum Distance - Measure the absolute minimum distance between two selected surfaces/objects

Measure Distance - Measure the distance between two selected points

Custom Section - Create section cut of the site and building based on a selected plane

Sea Level Elevation - Measure the sea level elevation of a point on the map, excavation, or object

Callouts - Create a text box callout out to appear

    • Click an object in the 3D viewer to place the callout position and pointer
      • Type text to appear on the callout
      • Check 'Add a clickable link' to attach a link for viewers to click during the presentation
    • Customize the callout border and leader color
    • Edit the size of the callout by adjusting the font and scale
    • Adjust the horizontal and vertical position of the callout to optimize location based on the captured angle
      • Hint: Horizontal Position = 0 will place the box to be directly vertical of the point and leader
      • Click: Go to Default to reset - 100 V x 150 H
    • Select the callout view mode
      • Parallel to Screen (default) - will show the callout always parallel to the view angle
      • Parallel to Plane - show and fix the callout parallel to the x, y, or z plane
    • Set the behavior of the callout upon zooming or adjusting FOV angle from Settings
      • Fixed screen size is recommended
    • Adjust the size of the pointer sphere radius
    • Click Done to confirm



Editing Markup Items

  • Only callouts can be edited post hoc
  • From the markup item list, click the three dots on the item or right-click to see the edit options
    • Remove will delete the markup
  • Alternatively, double click the callout in the 3D viewer to open the edit menu or right-click all other callouts



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