2.2 Company Branding


Company branding gives users the ability to brand cmBuilder resources with company logos or custom images.

*Company Branding is an optional extra or available for premium and above subscriptions.


Uploading Logos

  1. Go to Company Settings
  2. Select Company Branding
  3. Click Upload (Upload Image)
  4. Select an image
  5. Click Save



Setting Default Logo

  1. Click on the secondary logo three dots menu
  2. Click Set as default

Note: Only secondary logos can be set as the default logo.



Deleting Default and Secondary Logos

  1. Click on the logo three dots menu
  2. Click Delete image
  3. Select Delete on the pop-up window

Note: Deleting existing logos does not affect the logos on already placed resources.



Enable Resource Branding

  • Toggle Show Logo to enable/disable branding on selected resource
  • Choose from uploaded logos or leave as default
  • Select logo position from the drop-down menu


  • Resource branding is not available for every resource by default
  • If there is a resource that doesn't have branding available that you would like to, please submit a resource request or get in contact with our team


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