1.2 cmBuilder embedded experience in Procore

How to access cmBuilder Site Plan in Procore

  1. Click on the intended project from the Projects display page. 2.png3.png   
  2. From the Project page, click on the cmBuilder app from the Procore app menu.                                            4.png
  3. Site Plan for the main scenario will be displayed.


  • Selected project must be linked to Procore with a pre-created scenario in cmBuilder.
  • All Site Plan functionalities can be used in the Procore interface.                                                           5.png


How to create scenarios without leaving the Procore interface

  1. Click on the cmBuilder logo on the top navigation menu.                                                                       s1.png 
  2. Click Create Scenario on the scenario window.                                                                                         s2new.png 
  3. To set as main scenario, click on the three dots menu next to the scenario name.
  4. Select to "Set as main scenario" from dropdown menu.

Note: Main scenario refers to the scenario that shows up as the default one when accessing a project Site Plan.


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