General FAQ

How many users can we have?

All of our subscription plans come with unlimited users!


How long does it take to onboard and implement cmBuilder?

The cmBuilder onboarding process can be completed in a few hours/days.


Do you offer special plans for students and academic institutions?

Yes, for academic pricing, please contact us here.


Do you offer training and support?

Yes, our customer success team is here to help with all your onboarding and project-specific training requests free of charge as part of all subscription plans.


How can I get support?

Please submit a request here, or contact us through the chat from the cmBuilder App.


I don’t have the bandwidth to create a site simulation. Can you create it for me?

Please contact us here to discuss a customized solution for your project with our in-house site simulation experts.


My client does not have a cmBuilder account. Will they be able to view my site simulation?

Yes, cmBuilder allows anyone with a shared link to view and interact with your live simulation with no login required.


I need a specific site resource for my project. Can you create it for me?

Yes, our team can quickly create any resource you require for your site simulation. Please submit a Resource Request under the help icon in the app.


Do I need to install the software or an application on my device?

No, cmBuilder is a 100% web-based platform accessible through any browser.


Can I access cmBuilder on any device?

Yes, cmBuilder has full authoring and viewing functionality on desktops and tablets and full viewing capability on smartphones.


What are the requirements for running cmBuilder?



Can I import 3D models into cmBuilder?

Yes, cmBuilder allows users to directly upload 3D models to the project site.  We support IFC (2x3 and 4), Step, and FBX formats.


Am I required to have a 3D model to use cmBuilder?

No, the built-in massing tool to create 3D buildings for the construction simulation.


Can I upload drawings to cmBuilder?

Yes, 2D drawings can easily be uploaded and used as references. We support the following file formats: PDF, JPEG, and PNG.


Can I customize user permissions?

Yes, your account admin can set up user roles and permissions both at the company and project levels.




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