0.1 Invite Users (Admins Only)

How to invite users

Available with the Following Subscriptions: All Subscriptions
Available for the Following Roles*: Company Owner, Company Admin, Company Manager 

*With default permission settings. You have the option to customize role permissions.


Your cmBuilder account comes with unlimited users. So Invite new users into your cmBuilder company account to get the most out of it.

Control how users interact with your projects with roles and permissions. There are two main user types in a company: 

  1. Member (editors): Users with registered email domain
  2. Guest (collaborators): Users with non-registered email domain

Note: Users can be given Admin or Manager roles to provide the appropriate privileges under either Member or Guest role types.



If you know a person's email address, you can add them to the company via an invitation. cmBuilder will send an invitation email to their email address with a button to access the invite. 

  • Users with a cmBuilder account: Will get instant access to the company projects when they accept the invitation.
  • Users without a cmBuilder account: Can sign up for an account as part of the acceptance process.


Invite to company

  • From the cmBuilder landing page, navigate to the Company Settings page


  • Click User Management under Company Settings page
  • Select Invite Users


  • Enter an email address for the invitee - based on email domain invitee uses, they will be automatically assigned a (1) Member (Editor) or a (2) Guest (Collaborator) role
  • (3) Click Invite - the user will be notified via the provided email address that they have been added to your company


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