2.1 General Settings

Manage company default settings

Available with the Following Subscriptions: All Subscriptions
Available for the Following Roles: Company Owner, Company Admin


Company owners/admins have access to set up high-level settings for your cmBuilder company space, including:

  1. Date & time formats
  2. Domains
  3. Security (login and authentication)




Configure date & time formats

Change how times and dates appear throughout the app and projects to suite your company's preferred time format.



Register domains


By adding your company's email domains, you can make sure invited users with (1) registered email domain and (2) non-registered email domain are managed differently.

  1. Users with registered domain: Automatically invited as a member (editor) of the company and assigned invited company as their home company*
  2. Users with non-registered domain: Automatically invited as a guest (collaborator) of the company

*Exclusion: Users with registered domain and home company assigned previously will be invited as a guest only

💡 Note: Refer to Roles & Permissions under User Management for more information on user roles, or to customize them.


Set login and authentication method

Note: SSO is available with Premium and Enterprise subscriptions only


You can enable single sign-on (SSO) with an identity provider (IdP) and choose how users authenticate themselves.




Additional links:

🔗 Invite Users (Admins Only)

🔗 Single Sign-On (SSO) Setup Guide

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