1.1 Drawing Overlay

How to upload and overlay drawings onto the site plan.

Upload Drawings:

  • Click on Project Setup, then Drawing Overlay
  • Browse from file by clicking Upload Drawings, or drag and drop the files here
    • Upload multiple drawings from the same file by clicking on the drawing or check box, followed by Select


    • Drawing Overlay (left side) Menu -
      • Hide/Show the drawing by using the eye icon
      • Edit the drawing from the pencil icon (or as usual double-click on the object or right-click, edit)
      • Fix a drawings state and prevent editing using the lock icon
    • Edit Drawing (right side) Menu -
      • Click on the pencil next to the name to edit Drawing Name
      • Use the scroll bar to set Drawing Overlay opacity
      • Select "Scale to Distance" to define distance between two points on the drawing
      • Select "2-Point Positioning" to define points transformations on drawing and 2D map
      • Select "Snap to position using another drawing" to select existing drawing to apply its position (Option available when at least two drawings are uploaded)



Note: Drawings cannot be sequenced, only shown or hidden.

Project on Terrain:

This feature gives the ability to drape the drawing (or image) onto the map tile irrespective of map topography, covering the existing map image -

  • When editing the drawing overlay
    • Toggle ON/OFF Project on Terrain
    • Adjust opacity to 100% to replace the underlying image
    • Click Done to implement changes, and the drawing object will automatically hide
    • Hide/Show now refers to the projection
  • If projecting multiple drawings onto the terrain, the one higher on the the z-axis takes precedence
    • If the higher drawing is smaller, then it will appear on top of the lower drawing
  • Note: The map image was previously constrained to the default map or satellite view; however, this feature gives the ability to replace that image. For example, with a high resolution drone image.



Further Reading:

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