5.1 Resource Placement

How to place resources on the site plan

Learn about the different resource placement methods and propagation types.


Summary: How to Use Resources

  1. Open catalog from Resources & Equipment on the toolbar - search or use categorical menus
  2. Click to select the resource
  3. Either; click to place on map (point) or create a sketch (polyline)
  4. Adjust position, size, or sketch if necessary
  5. Define resource sequencing under Map to Milestones
  6. Confirm

Placement Types


There are 3 types of resource placement:

    1. Point - click to place on the map tile - move freely in space
      • Singular Instance Eg. Vehicles & equipment like trucks, cranes, machinery, etc.
    2. Polyline - draw a line with a series of connected points - attached to map terrain or Z sketch plane
      • Repeated Instance Eg. Panel items like fencing, walls, traffic arrows, etc.
    3. Guided - uses an existing resource as a reference for placement -
      • Primarily for gates to attach to fencing

The placement types are not always mutually exclusive, and some resources will have multiple types available to use. For example, most polyline resources can also be used as a point resource.


1. Point Resources

To place:

    • Click to select the item from the Resources & Equipment Library and ensure Point is enabled from the right-side menu
    • Click a point in the 3D viewer to place the resource there

To adjust:

    • Position as necessary using the movement handles - translate, rotate, or snap (Object Controls)
    • Adjust the size and shape of parametric resources by clicking the gear cog icon and suitably dragging the handles
      • Alternatively, adjust available parameters using slide bars on the right-side menu




    • Floating point resources can now be dropped to the map terrain
      • Right-click the resource and select Drop to Surface
      • Or, by clicking the Reposition drop-down on the right-side menu



To edit:

    • To resume editing; double click the object, or right-click and select Edit either on the 3D object or name in the model browser
    • Reposition as necessary using movement options
    • Under the Properties tab
      • Toggle on branding (premium subscription)
      • Adjust color
      • Map to Milestones (Resource Sequencing)
      • Reposition
      • Delete
    • Access Specs & Docs if available for the resource from the More drop-down menu
    • Timeline and Visual Graph will be explored later in the guide


2. Polyline Resources

To place:

    • Select the resource from the Resource & Equipment Library
    • Draw the sketch - Click points in the viewer to create a 2D sketch of the footprint of the resource
    • From the right-side menu:
      • Ensure Polyline is enabled
      • Under the Properties tab, from the drop-down select a reference plane to sketch on;
        • Adjust the elevation under Plane Offset
        • Enter a value or click the elevation symbol to select elevation from viewer
        • Terrain & Objects - snap to map terrain
        • Z Plane - snap to z-plane (recommended)




      • Under the Settings tab, enable various sketch display options and functions
        • Close Polyline Automatically - automatically close the sketch points to create a polygon
        • Length and angle display - display dimension bubbles
        • Area preview - color preview of internal area of sketch
        • Snapping - snap to grid lines and other points
        • 3D projection and guiding lines - project the sketch onto the map and see predicted point projection




To adjust:

    • Pen - Create new points with the pen tool by clicking on an existing line or point
    • Move - Drag to adjust the position of points and lines
    • Redraw - Replace and create a new sketch
    • Adjust the sketch using geometric constraints
      • Snap to face - snap line to object
      • Perpendicular - make two lines perpendicular
      • Parallel - make two lines parallel
      • Equal Length - make two lines equal in length
    • Use handles under Model Parameters to adjust size and shape

To edit:

    • To edit double click the object, or right click and select Edit either on the 3D object or name in the model browser
    • Once the right side edit menu appears, Under the Properties tab
      • Click Edit Sketch
      • Use the tools mentioned above to adjust or redraw existing sketch as required
        • Click confirm to implement changes
      • From the same menu
        • Toggle on branding (premium subscription)
        • Adjust color
        • Delete

Polyline Propagation Mode

    • Propagation mode defines the reference used to anchor a polyline resource
    • There are three modes:
      • Follow Terrain - Each panel follows the map terrain
      • Straight Line - Follows a straight line between points on map terrain
      • Follow Plane - Follows defined sketch plane offset
        • Follow Plane must be enabled to implement entered plane offset
        • The resource can also be adjusted with the movement handles (double-click) with Follow Plane enabled




Advanced Options

    • Use advanced options to adjust spacing of the polyline resource
      • Useful for resources such as fencing which are continuous
      • End to end spacing - delta between panel ends
      • Center to center spacing - delta between panel center lines
      • Allow Overlap - allows panels to overlap to ensure no spacing between
      • Space Between Panels - manually adjust the space between each instance


3. Guided Resources

Guided resources require another reference resource to be placed first. At this time gate resources are the only guided resources.

To place a gate:

      • A fence must be placed first
      • Select the resource from the Resources & Equipment Library
      • Hover the cursor over the fence to preview the placement, then click to place
        • Click Done

To adjust:

    • Double-click the resource in the viewer or click Reposition from the right-side menu
    • Drag the movement handles to adjust the position
    • Click the gear icon to adjust parametric options
      • Height, width, or open and close gate
    • Click Done to confirm changes





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