5.2 Resource Sequencing

How to sequence resources

In this tutorial, you will learn how to sequence a resource by using the milestone timeline.



Note: Previously, a resource was sequenced by specifying an install and remove date from a calendar.

  • Access the Properties panel, shown while actively editing a resource
    • This will automatically open upon placing a new resource from the library (under Resources & Equipment), or by editing an existing resource
  • Under 'Map to Milestones', define the duration of visibility by specifying the milestone "From" and "To" when it will show
    • By default, From will be selected as the milestone on which the resource is placed on
    • By default, To will be selected as "End" i.e. visible until the final existing milestone
  • Click the drop-down to select the milestones
  • Click Done to implement changes

Things to know:

  • The selected start and end milestones are inclusive, and the resource will be visible on those milestones
  • If a resource is to be shown for the duration of one milestone, select from and to the same milestone
  • The current active milestone is indicated by a 'dot' when selecting from the drop-down


Tips & Tricks:

  • Use the key shortcut Ctrl + L/R arrow keys to change milestone while editing
  • Use the 'x' in the milestone field to deselect the milestone
  • From the dropdown:
    • Use 'Set to Current' to select the current milestone
    • Use 'Clear all' to deselect milestones and default to the first ("Beginning") and last ("End") milestones
    • Note: The search bar will only return based on the name of milestones (not dates or index numbers)


Further Reading:

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