6.4 Exporting Videos

In this tutorial, you will learn how to export videos to share.

It can be used as an alternative to the shared link for documentation and presentation deliverables.


❗ Note

  • Firefox and Safari does not currently support recording a tab, so video export is not available for these browsers.



  1. Click on the Share button on the top right of the Site Plan
  2. Select Export Presentation Video
  3. Set export configurations:
    • Video Quality: Controls video bitrate. Lowering the quality will produce a smaller file size but may produce a more blocky video,
    • Presentation Speed: This setting is most suitable for Read more about increasing the final output's smoothness in the section below
    • Export Format: WebM is recommended and supported by most web and media players.
    • Video Compression Standard: VP9 and H.264 are the top two suggested formats for their efficiency in providing high-quality videos.
  4. Click Next
  5. Confirm the tab in the screen selection and click Share
    • NOTE: This screen may differ depending on your browser settings. Ensure you select the correct tab by toggling between selections.
  6. Click the play button to start the recording.






Increase the final output's smoothness (FPS)


This is most useful for heavy scenarios that are slow and choppy.

Set a slower speed for the initial recording and use a video speed editor to post-process and return the speed to normal.

  1. Select a slower speed for the initial recording
    • To get an idea of how much to slow down, use the App Performance tab to get a reference of the current FPS.
    • Select the slow-down factor correlated with how far the current FPS is away from the desired final output.
      • e.g. If your current FPS = 15 and the ideal output is 60 FPS. Select a slow-down factor of 1/4
  2. The final output will be the slow-down version when the recording is completed.
  3. Use video processing software to speed it up to the original speed.
    • Some recommended software are iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, and Camtasia.


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