2.3 Customized Excavation Colors

Manage Excavation Operation Colors

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Enhance your site plans with colored excavation operations. You can independently customize colors for the top, bottom, and sides during cut, fill, or ramp operations. This allows for greater appeal and clarity in your simulation. In this article we'll cover how to apply custom colors to your excavation operations.


How to Customize the Color of Excavation Operations

  • Start by creating a new or editing an existing excavation operation. Here we are using a Cut operation as an example. The same process applies to Fill and Ramp operations.
  • In the Color section, you'll find two color blocks, initially set to the default excavation color
    • The first block controls the top/bottom color of the operation
    • The second block controls the sides.

  • Click the desired color block to access the color picker and select your preferred color. 

  • Once you've selected your colors click the Done button. The selected colors will be applied to your excavation operation.

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